Your insurance portfolio management software, developed with brokers and for brokers.
15 years of experience in a single solution.

Insurance policies and insured objects, including claims

Includes management of policy groups, BVG, life, co-insurance and foreign currency policies.


Including invoicing, management of premiums, brokerage, provisions and contract adjustments.


Includes management of policy groups, BVG, life, co-insurance and foreign currency policies.

Our tool allows you to manage ...
  • Your customers, your contacts, and their relations
  • Insurance policies and insured objects, including claims
  • A calendar with deadlines and reminders
  • Your agents and their respective portfolio
  • The establishment of premiums, their calculation and invoicing
  • Co-insurance policies and policies using foreign currencies
  • Automatic retrocession on entrusted policies
  • Importing XML files from the IGB2B DXP platform

Automatic premium calculation

  • Premiums are calculated automatically when a policy is created
  • It is, of course, possible to enter additional premiums manually, such as premiums for final settlements

Automatic calculation of brokerage and provisions

  • Brokerages/provisions are automatically calculated and distributed to agents and the company
  • Additional accruals and provisions can also be entered manually

Premium control tools

  • The system tells you to whom you should send the premium
  • The system tells you when you have received all the bonuses to be sent, so you only send one shipment per bonus recipient for a given period

Management of contract accruals and deferrals

  • The program helps you to follow up on the settlements you need to receive from customers to settle their contracts

Policy Management

  • Including management of groups of fonts (several elements for the same policy, e.g. for a Casco / RC / Park policy)
  • Management of more complex policies such as BVG, Life, etc.
  • Management of co-insurance policies
  • Management of foreign currency policies

Claims management

  • It is also possible to link documents and images to a claim. These include an expert's report, photos of the loss, etc.

Management of BVG Announcements

Policyholder Management

Managing links between your contacts and addresses

  • Establish real links between your customers: for example Fiduciary X is your customer but also the fiduciary of Fun Sport SA, also your customer. Another example: Mrs. XY is the wife of the director of Tube and Plastic SA.

Contact management

  • Several contacts per policyholder
  • You can specify the recipients of the premiums, there can be several of them, you choose who receives which premium

Contact management

  • Easily list and retrieve your insurance company contacts


  • Compatibility with IG B2B Data Exchange Service (DXP)

Creation of numerous lists

  • Policies
  • Addresses
  • Brokerages
  • Custom-made, according to your needs

Export Features

  • Export E-mail
  • PDF export of the lists

Management of surplus earnings participation

Time Management

  • The program can keep a statistic of the hours spent per client
  • It is also possible to manually enter the hours spent for a customer

Task management (Schedule, Reminders, ...)

  • A task is assigned to the user of your choice, another colleague, a secretary, etc.
  • A task can be linked to an address/policy/damage


  • A trigger allows the automatic creation of tasks during the creation of policies or claims

Agent Management

  • The program calculates the share of each agent according to your wishes
  • You can assign tasks to your agents (e.g. call this or that customer)

Document management (Archive/Scanning)

  • You can link any kind of document to your contacts, policies, claims, in the software. For example: an offer calculation in Excel, a scanned brokerage mandate, a photo of a claim, etc.

User and access management

  • Users can be organized into groups
  • Each group has its own access authorisations
A simple portal for your customers
  • One customer, one account
  • A quick and graphical overview of expenses
  • Premium History
  • Easy contact for the customer
  • Distribution of electronic documents
  • Task opening
  • Management of several portfolios
  • Mailing list

Available versions

Local version   Hosted version  

Integration of the application in your environment.

Accessible directly from external servers. Only an internet connection is required.

Windows 7/10 and later. 8GB RAM. 1440x900 resolution.
Servers prerequisites on demand.

Windows 7/10 and later or MAC OS latest version. Fast Internet access. 1440x900 resolution.

A version of MySQL Server must be installed on the server.

Backups can be programmed by our services.

It is possible to control First-Broker with terminals, such as Microsoft Windows Terminal Server.

Device using one of the following browsers : Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

This version is available in collaboration with the company “NEXAN Informatique”. Thanks to their « NexCloud » platform, you will also (optionally) benefit from Microsoft Office and daily backups. It is also possible to install a hosted version with the partner of your choice.

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