Software development, our trade

We will create a website that handles millions of records or a software that will facilitate and speed up your processes.

Everything will be done with your experience and our know-how.

Together we will create the ideal solution for you.


When we drink coffee and discuss the details


After discussing the details, it will be time to get things organized.


We will start to visualize models and transform them into pixels.


The solution and ready, it's time to publish

Possible platforms for your software

One of the important choices during development is the choice of platform. We mainly develop these types of software

Dynamic Websites

For a simple website, a CMS may be enough for you. On the other hand, a CMS can be very quickly limited. We create websites with databases of more than 10 million records.

Software for mobile phones and tablets

We also develop software for mobile phones. Our techniques allow us to reuse 90% of the code on all 3 platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows.

Desktop Windows c# developer

We develop software on the Windows platform. We also assist clients willing to access a system from other platform environments through the creation of a Web application. A Web application may be used either on the internet or on a company’s own intranet.

"Tell me how you code, I'll tell you who you are"

Long gone are the times where every developer created his own code on his own and the quality could only be assessed once the project was complete.

Everything has undergone great changes in the last few years. We welcome new methods and technologies and offer coding of excellent quality.

Creative Ideas

We are a small team of passionate individuals. When you discuss your issues with us, you quickly realise that a number of solutions are available to resolve a unique problem. Software development is one of the most creative fields. Together, we will find the most suitable solution for you.

Agile Development

We have been using AGILE philosophy with a number of clients over many years. For over a year we have been offering clients to use the Scrum method.

Courses & Continuous Training

The ongoing training of our Team is our priority. All our developers attend conferences and workshops every year (Techdays, SDD London, ...). This enables us to master numerous technologies. We regularly train teams from other companies in the use of current technologies. Please visit the "Technologies" section below to see the various technologies we use on a regular basis.

Technologies Used

Professionals need the best tools to work efficiently

We like C#

For all our new projects, we use C# .NET. ".NET" is a development ecosystem created by Microsoft, which we see as a guarantee in continuity and security in your investment.

Unit and integration tests

Since 2016 we have been writing tests for each “service” we program. Every night (or whenever a branch is modified), our test and integration servers execute the tests and we regularly receive the results via email. This guarantees an excellent quality software.

The code written is service directed and the DI is used to assist in the testability and global efficiently.

GIT to manage source code

Working in a group for Code Review, one cannot work with old generation tools as everyone’s code changes must be controllable. This is why we believe a tool such as GIT is essential.

Ajax : TypeScript, React, Angular, Blazor & more

AJAX is necessary to ensure dynamism on the client’s side of Web application. We use the most efficient frameworks according to the website de develop.

Business Intelligence, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

We rely greatly on the Azure services for:
The treatment of big data. We may for example use the Machine Learning (and R) to detect consumers' behaviour on your website or fraudulent activities or errors in your production.

As far as Business Intelligence is concerned, we use PowerBI to analyse and give meaning to data.

Burning Box SA is a "Silver Microsoft Partner"

Burning Box SA is a "Silver Microsoft Partner". Which is for you a guarantee of success! We work with great tools that are used by millions of developers around the world.

When to call software developers ?

There is no need to explain what a software is. Software are everywhere, they manage websites, they are loaded on mobile phones etc. However, when a one-size-fits-all off the shelf software doesn’t fulfil the requirements anymore it must be extended or rewritten. This is when you should contact us. We will develop a software customised to your needs and your company.

About us

We are a company specialized in software development. We make all types of software, including web, desktop and mobile applications.


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